An assortment of vintage railroad videos.

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Snow On the Run (1952) Southern Pacific

A documentary produced by Southern Pacific chronicling their snow-fighting efforts on the Overland Route during the winter of 1951 and '52. This was the year the "City of San Francisco" was stranded due to heavy snow.

Newsreel: City of San Francisco Trapped in Snow

On January 13, 1952, one of the worst snow storms in history trapped the streamlined "City of San Francisco" passenger train at Donner Pass. 90-mile per hour wind gusts and 10-12 foot snowdrifts keep passengers and crew stranded for days.

225,000 MILE PROVING GROUND (1953) A.A.R

This color educational film is about railroad research and advancements in railroad technology, including the development of the diesel and gas turbine locomotives which were beginning to supplant steam engines at the time. Stars Hugh Beaumont.

The Dynamic Southeast (1957) Seaboard Airline Railroad

This film promotes the fast-growing industries in the Southeast. Successful extraction of natural resources, modernized rail transportation systems, and fruitful agriculture have benefited the entire region for both locals and tourists.

All the Way (1950) Santa Fe Railway

"All the Way" is an overview of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe’s modern freight service. The film goes all the way as we see everything you can possibly think of including yards, stations and other facilities.

The Daily Operations of a Modern Railroad (1975) Conrail

depicts basic operating procedures that was employed by ConRail on their New York "Hudson" line at the time. The film starts with a brief history of railroads, then goes into a history of Grand Central Terminal.

The Canadian (1955) Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific's classic 1955 film introducing "The Canadian". Tour the train, then ride west from Montréal to Vancouver. Superb views of the Streamliner at Mink Tunnel, Banff, The Spirals and Vancouver.

A Railroad Report to America (1950s)

This film, dating probably to the early 1950s, demonstrates modernization efforts on the railroads as a shift from steam powered locomotives, to diesel engines, and begin to concentrate on freight service.

Streamlined (1930s)

Made in the 1930s, this short film highlights the effort to introduce streamlining into the American railroad industry.

Fast Freight (1954) Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac

This short film explains how fast freight trains operate in the United States and shows how railroad workers are essential to the train functioning properly and operating on schedule. 

The Story of Trains (1940s)

The story of a trip aboard the Pacific Daylight passenger train to present the history of America's railroads in an attempt to remind Americans of the importance of rail transportation.

Fresh from the West (1954) Union Pacific Railroad

This color educational film is about the fresh vegetables grown in the west and shipped to the rest of the country by Union Pacific Railroad.

The Museum and Santa Fe Railroad (1940s) AT&SF

The Museum and the Santa Fe Railroad covers the impressive Santa Fe railway miniature model built by the avid model builder Minton Cronkite and exhibited in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois.

Southern New England - New York, New Haven & Hartford

American Locomotive (Alco), General Electric, and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company teamed up to create this 1950s color film promoting the beautiful Southern New England area.

Thundering Rails (1948) Association of American Railroads

This black and white promotional film is a presentation by the Association of American Railroads showcasing steam and diesel trains. These include the ALCO PA, Southern & Pacific, Atlantic Coast Line, and Baltimore & Ohio.

The San Diego and Arizona Railway (1920s)

This silent promotional film for the San Diego & Arizona Railway was preserved thanks to the efforts of railroad enthusiast Jack White. See Carrizo Gorge, cross 14 trestles and gothrough 21 tunnels in the space of only 11 miles.

Potatoes Unlimited (1940s) Union Pacific Railroad

Potatoes Unlimited provides viewers with a glimpse of the potato industry, from creating potato seed to the transportation to grocery stores via Union Pacific lines.

Western Sketchbook (1950s) Union Pacific Railroad

A film made by the Union Pacific Railroad that was part of a series documenting different landmarks and ways of life in the American West. The Golden Gate Bridge is featured.

The Triangle Route: The Trail of '98 - Canadian National

See the Triangle Route by following a scenic passenger train from Skagway, Alaska up through B.C. and the Yukon to Whitehorse and Dawson City.

Fair of the Iron Horse (1927) Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

In 1927, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad sponsored a pageant commemorating the 100th anniversary of its founding and, in effect, the steam locomotive’s 100th year.

Whistle in the Night (1947) Assn. of American Railroads

Created in 1947 by the Association of American Railroads, "A Whistle in the Night" takes a look at post-war American railroads during their conversion to peace.

Vista Dome Adventure (1950s) CB&Q, WP, D&RGW

The Burlington Route, Rio Grande, and Western Pacific Railroads produced this tourism promotional film in the 1950's to highlight the California Zephyr luxury train, running between Chicago and San Francisco.

The Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona (1940s) AT&SF

The Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona, is a promotional, color, video of the Grand Canyon for the Santa Fe Railroad. The Santa Fe Railroad was built in 1882 to carry ore from East to West. The spur, called the Grand Canyon Railway, was built in 1901.

Ticket to Jasper (1947) Canadian National Railway

"Ticket to Jasper" is a 1947 film presented by Canadian National Railways for The National Film Board of Canada. It opens with stunning footage of the Canadian Rockies which had once been known as The Shining Mountain.

In All the World (1940s) Great Northern Railway

A color promotional film highlighting Great Northern Railway’s service from Chicago to Glacier National Park and beyond to Seattle and Portland.

The Big Red Cars (1940s) Pacific Electric

This short, silent film shows "The Big Red Cars" of the Pacific Electric railroad in Los Angeles. It was shot by Leo Caloia, an amateur cameraman in Southern California in the 1940s.

Calsbad Caverns (1940s) Southern Pacific Railroad

Promoting the Southern Pacific Railroad's Golden State and Sunset Routes, this vintage 1940s travelogue film shows tourists traveling by both train and motor buses to Carlsbad Caverns.

Power Behind the Nation (1947) Warner Brothers

A patriotic film that stresses the indispensability of good, solid, American workmanship and what it takes to make the great nation a wonderful facility of production.

Western Sheep (1952) Union Pacific Railroad

The care of sheep, harvesting of wool, and how western sheep mean a lot to the USA. Produced as one of the UP's livestock films in the 1950s.

Blades of Green Grass (1950s) Union Pacific Railroad

A soil conservation film that promotes the production of grass and alfalfa for livestock. The film was sponsored by the UP and presented by the Agricultural Development Department.

Arizona Winter Ranches and Desert Resorts (1940s) AT&SF

A Santa Fe travel promotion film highlighting Arizona's wonderful winter ranch country including Verde Valley, Alpine, Red Rock and other resorts in the Phoenix area.

Glacier National Park (1950s) Great Northern Railway

The Great Northern Railway’s service from Chicago to Glacier National Park and beyond to Seattle and Portland. The GN was the only train service that reached a national park on its mainline.

Welcome to Southern California (1945) Santa Fe Railway

Everything you can possibly think of to see in Southern California is depicted in this colorful travelogue produced by the Santa Fe Railway.

Rivers of Silver, Ribbons of Steel (1975)

A panorama of the Colorado mining frontier on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which was designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1968.

It's a Big Job (1947) Los Angeles Transit Lines

Dedicated to the thousands of men and women whose hands and minds and energies are devoted to the maintenance and operation of the Los Angeles Transit Lines, and created to recruit drivers, motormen and conductors.

Glimpses of the Indian-Detour Country Roundabout, Santa FE, NM (1930s) Santa Fe Railway

Well-made silent film depicting the wonderful Fred Harvey Indian-Detour scenery in the 1930s. Easy to follow with inter-title cards and musical score.

Yellowstone to Paris (1940s) Union Pacific, TWA

Silent with music tour of Yellowstone via yellow tour coaches, then all board a TWA Constellation for Paris. Followed by another UP film, Frontier Days at Cheyenne, and an AAR commercial.

Southern California Holiday (1950s) Santa Fe Railway

Wow, everything you always wanted to see in Southern California. Highlights include Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Palm Springs, Pasadena, and even Tijuana, Mexico.

All Aboard America (1976) American Freedom Train

All Aboard America is a short 1976 film about the bicentennial celebration train, the American Freedom Train, discussing the project’s inception, design and construction, layout and route. Well-made documentary.

Angels Flight (1960s) Bunker Hill, Los Angeles

The Bunker Hill area was known for it's beautiful old Victorian homes. It was all razed, much to the chagrin of many Los Angelinos. Fortunately, Angels Flight was restored a short distance from it's original location.