Milwaukee Road Streamlined 4-6-2 No. 152 power for the Chippewa, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1950.

(Dan Pope Collection / RMP Archive. This image is for sale. Click Image for more information)




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The late Don Ball, Jr., for some of the most interesting railroad photography I've ever seen, etc.

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The late Bruce Harris for sharing so much of his collection and for being a friend.

The late John Fostik, a dear friend and colleague who taught me everything I know about Amtrak and more.

The late Roger LeDoux, my uncle, a real classy guy who worked hard for the Santa Fe Railway most

of his adult life and who imparted to me much about the Santa Fe and much about life.

And finally, my father Oran C. Cornett, who retired after a long career at Reynolds Metals (now ALCOA)

working at the Sherwin Alumina Pant, Ingleside, Texas, where he loaded railcars with alumina

(aluminum oxide), a product used in creating aluminum and now found in everything from abrasives to deodorant.

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