An assortment of vintage railroad videos.

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On the Track (1948) Assn. of American Railroads

Educational film made by the Association of American Railroads showing the importance of railroads to the economy.

Hoosier Line (1950s) Monon Railroad

Promotional film about Indiana and its railroads made for the Monon Railroad.

Pay Day - The Santa Fe Railway

Follow the transport and delivery of a new television set and the pitfalls of poor practices that cause loss and damage.

Wheels of Steel - The Pennsylvania Railroad

The PRR's mighty and magnificent GG1 electric locomotive is highlighted in this factual account of a daily run.

 Progress on the Rails (1952) The Pennsylvania Railroad

A promotional film by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Circa 1952.

Railroadin' (1941) Association of American Railroads

The history of railroads in the USA and why they are so important to the nation's economy.

The Last Clear Chance (1959) Union Pacific Railroad

Youth-oriented safety film from the Union Pacific asks the question "Why don't they look?"

What in Blazes? (1955) PRR Fire Safety Film

This very rare color film, produced by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1955, centers around fighting fires aboard several locomotive.

New Horizons (1948) Seaboard Air Line Railroad

Agriculture and other industries are an integral part of the economy along the Southeastern Seaboard, and the Seaboard Air Line Railroad's network insures efficient transport of the goods and peoples of the new South.

Safety Facts About Crossing Tracks (1970) 

Uses stop-motion photography to illustrate the seven most common driving errors at rail crossings.

Passenger Train (1940) 

Enjoy a journey from a large city to the country on a streamline train, in 1940's style! 

The Passenger Train (1954)

A promotional film showing a journey from Chicago, Illinois to Lamy, New Mexico on Santa Fe’s Chief in 1954. 

Lifeline of the Nation (1945) Carl Dudley

How railroads operated within strict confines of military rules while mobilizing American military men and equipment.

Loaded for War (1940s) Santa Fe Railway

This rare color vintage film, produced by the Santa Fe railroad, details the company's contribution to the war effort.

Fresh For Health (1956) Santa Fe Railway

Vintage Santa Fe Railway film depicts the transport of perishable foods across the country using refrigerated cars.

A Railroad at Work (1946) Milwaukee Road (4K)

Vintage documentary produced by the Milwaukee Road depicting the the services the railroad offered to the public.

Freight Train (1954)

Depicts how the cars in a freight train are scheduled, inspected and assembled and follows fast freight number 40 on its journey from Kansas City to Chicago.

Wheels of Progress (1950) Rock Island Railroad

Why we need railroads and an explanation of how they play an important part in the U.S. economy by hauling everything it takes to make up the things we use in our everyday lives.

The Big Train (1950s) New York Central Railroad

Operations of the New York Central Railroad during the 1950's. Introduced by NYCRR president Alfred E. Perlman, who explains just about everything the railroad does.

Within The Oval (1950) New York Central Railroad [4K]

Company film produced by the New York Central Railroad. The film reviews all of the people, places, and operations of the many locomotives that make up the vast New York Central System.

Flight of the Century - New York Central Railroad

The 20th Century Limited was an express passenger train operated by the New York Central Railroad from 1902 to 1967, during which time it would become known as a "National Institution" and the "Most Famous Train in the World".

The Steam Locomotive - New York Central

New York Central's The Steam Locomotive details the various parts of the New York Central 'Hudson' locomotive and briefly detailing the disposal, servicing, maintenance, preparation and operation of this unit.

The Freight Yard (1940s) New York Central Railroad

Company film produced during the late 1940's by the New York Central Railroad to show freight yard operations. This film also shows some great steam and early diesel locomotives.

The Railroad Signal (1940s) New York Central Railroad

An overview of signals and related safe working systems used by the NYCS, as well as the ongoing improvements to the signaling systems due to technological advances in the late 1940's. .

The Power Behind the Nation - Norfolk & Western

The Norfolk and Western Railway produced this company film The Power Behind the Nation. 

The Modern Coal-Burning Steam Locomotive - N & W

 The Norfolk and Western Railway produced a company film in 1944 to describe the operation of the 4-8-4, J-Class locomotives.

Operation Fast Freight - Norfolk and Western 

Follow a freight eastward on the Norfolk & Western from Columbus, OH to Norfolk, VA as they make up time freight 86 in the heyday of steam on the N&W.

Pillars of Smoke in the Sky (1957)

Plenty of great Norfolk and Western action from the incomparable Edwin Carrington Eddy 16mm Film Collection, an amateur railfan film from the Spring of 1957. 

The Freight Goes Through (1952) AAR  [4K]

The Association of American Railroads produced a film a film in 1952 to show the Freight Loss and Damage Prevention section of the Association of American Railroads.

A Great Railroad at Work (1942) The New Haven Railroad

See the New Haven Railroad at its best, as both passenger and freight operations, with scenes in Boston, New Haven and New York City, are depicted. Lots of action on the rails and behind the scenes.

Piggyback Southern Style (1960s) Southern Railway

Company film produced in the 1960s by the Southern Railway to show the early road/rail piggyback container freight trains.

Southern Railway (1950s)

Vintage Southern Railway Film from the 1950's depict freight train operations, etc.

Meet Uncle Pete - Union Pacific Railroad

Company film from the Union Pacific Railroad to show the viewer how the railroad works, all of the railroads latest technology part of this film takes place onboard a Union Pacific caboose.

Why Risk Your Life? (1940s) Great Northern Railway

This is a fantastic old steam era safety film concerning working around railroad yards and tracks, heavy on switching operations. Produced by the Great Northern Railway.

Clear Track Ahead! (1948) Pennsylvania Railroad

The powerhouse Pennsylvania Railroad was one of the largest railroad networks in the United States and at one time was the largest transportation company and the biggest corporation in the world.

Three Giant Steps (1957) New York Central System

the progress made in three distinct areas – Electronics, Automation, and Imagination. The Centralized Traffic Control or CTC system shown in the film between Buffalo and Erie was the largest in the world at the time

The Nickel Plate Story (1953) NYC&StL RR

The New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad, commonly known as The Nickel Plate Road, was known for its "High Speed Service".

Assembling a Freight Train, Santa Fe Railway

See how a freight train is assembled step-by-step, car-by-car. From the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway.

At This Moment (1954) Assn. of American Railroads

When a journalist researching a TV series stops at a diner, he learns the importance of railroads.

Mainline U.S. A. (1957) Assn. of American Railroads

The role railroads have played in the economic progress in the history of America.

Use Your Head (1950s) Denver & Rio Grande Western

A safety training film produced by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad.

The Big Little Railroad (1948) Central RR of New Jersey

Produced for the Central Railroad's centenary year in 1948, the film depicts how and where the railroad operates.

The Long Way Home from School (1953) Union Pacific 

The Long Way Home from School is a Union Pacific Railroad Train Safety Educational Film produced in 1953.

Big Trains Rolling Film (1955) [4K] 

A film produced in 1955 promoting railroads and their importance to the economy.

Challenge for Tomorrow (1950s) Sant Fe Railway

How the Santa Fe Railway has constantly modernized and still has successfully managed to maintain safety while building a better railroad.

The Penn Central 1974 (1974) Penn Central Railroad

The Penn Central was produced by the merger of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central Railroad, now going bankrupt, produced this film to ask for money.