New Orleans, Texas and Mexico Railway Co 100 shares specimen.



The New Orleans, Texas and Mexico Railway was a constituent element of the Missouri Pacific Railroad.


The New Orleans, Texas & Mexico was originally incorporated May 8, 1905, under the laws of the State of Louisiana, as the Colorado Southern, New Orleans and Pacific Railroad Company. By amendment to the charter on March 21, 1910, the name of the corporation was changed to New Orleans, Texas & Mexico Railroad Company. The New Orleans, Texas and Mexico Railroad Company was a standard-gage, steam railroad located in the State of Louisiana. Its owned mileage extended from Anchorage to DeQuincy, LA, 137.630 miles, with branch lines from Eunice to Crowley, LA, and from Erwinville to Mix, LA, aggregating 35.256 miles. Of the total mileage stated, 0.620 mile was double track. The New Orleans, Texas & Mexico solely used, under lease, terminal property at New Orleans.

Trains of the New Orleans, Texas & Mexico were transferred by boat across the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and Anchorage, LA. Through trackage rights over lines of other carriers; the New Orleans, Texas & Mexico operates from DeQuincy, LA, to the Louisiana-Texas State line, to the Louisiana-Texas State line, and from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, LA, a total distance of 113.15 miles.

The New Orleans, Texas & Mexico wholly owned 172.886 miles of road, all of which it used. It also wholly used, under lease, the property of the Louisiana Southern Railway Company, which consists of a single-track, steam railroad, extending from New Orleans, LA, to Bohemia and Shell Beach, LA, aggregating 65.658 miles of road.

The New Orleans, Texas & Mexico wholly owned and used 228.399 miles of all tracks and wholly used but did not own 81.714 miles of all tracks.

Missouri Pacific

The Missouri Pacific, Texas and Pacific, and the International and Great Northern worked together as a system through Gould holdings in each company rather than by direct control exercised by the Missouri Pacific. With the 1917 reorganization of the railroad as the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company, Gould interests no longer controlled the system. The following year the company began to formalize its relationship with the Texas and Pacific by buying stock in the Texas line. By 1930 the Missouri Pacific owned all of the preferred stock and enough common stock to give it nearly 75 percent ownership of the Texas and Pacific. The other component of the old system was reorganized as the International-Great Northern Railroad Company in 1922. While an attempt by the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company to gain control of this company was denied by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1923, the Missouri Pacific realized the need to also acquire the International-Great Northern. To accomplish this objective while at the same time acquiring additional mileage in Texas, the Missouri Pacific used a railroad that was not traditionally a part of its system.

Gulf Coast Lines

On January 1, 1925, it acquired the New Orleans, Texas and Mexico Railway Company, which controlled several railroads running between Brownsville and New Orleans known collectively as the Gulf Coast Lines. In Texas the carriers were the Beaumont, Sour Lake and Western Railway Company, the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico Railway Company, the San Benito and Rio Grande Valley Railway Company, and the Orange and Northwestern Railroad Company.


Gulf Coast Lines system map, circa 1920.

(Parker Engaving Co., St. Louis, Missouri, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)