Arizona Public Service EMD SW600 1 at Joseph City, Arizona, July 16, 1969. Photographer: Kenneth Ardinger.

Scanned from a 5x7 photographic print owned by Digital Rail Artist.





The EMD SW600 is a diesel switcher locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between February 1954 and January 1962. Power was provided by an EMD 567C 6-cylinder engine, which generated 600 horsepower (450 kW).

The SW600 was the successor to the popular 600 horsepower SW1. It was introduced along with the SW900 and SW1200 in 1955. By this point, switchers this small were a niche market at best. The SW600 sold just 15 units to 13 different customers, and Chicago & North Western was the only class one carrier that bought any. All of the other customers were steel mills, chemical plants, refineries, and coal fired power plants. - Craig Garver

Download an EMD SW600 Phase Guide by Craig Garver HERE.


Original owners

15 examples of this model were built for American railroads and industrials.

Road Quantity Road number Notes
McLouth Steel 2 8–9
Northern Indiana Public Service Company 1 4
Chicago and North Western Railway 2 1280–1281
Detroit Edison Company 1 213
Texas Company (“Texaco”) 1 23
Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company 1 512
Shell Oil Company 1 9
Gulf Oil Company 1 9
Philadelphia Electric Company 1 30
Clinchfield Coal Company 1 100
Marathon Southern Corporation 1 1
Arizona Public Service Company 1 1
Public Service Company of Colorado 1 15-1
Total 15

EMD SW600 Overview

Type and origin
Power type: Diesel-electric
Builder: General Motors Electro-Motive Division
Model: SW600
Build date: February 1954 – January 1962
Total produced: 15
Gauge: 4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)
Prime mover: EMD 6-567C
Engine type: V6 Two-stroke diesel
Aspiration: Roots-type supercharger
Cylinders: 6
Performance figures
Power output: 600 hp (450 kW))
Tractive effort: 49,500 lb (22,500 kg)
Locale: United States