The Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad's streamliner, the Egyptian Zipper. This was built by American Car and Foundry Company's Berwick, PA plant in 1937.

There were 2 trainsets, (shown is "Salem", No. 245) with both traveling between Danville and Cypress, IL, 1937.

(Railway Age, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


C&EI herald.


The Egyptian Zipper was a named passenger train of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad. The train most commonly served the Danville, Illinois to Cypress, Illinois route as Trains No. 121 and No. 122.  The train ran from May 20, 1937 until 1948, utilizing two gas-electric American Car and Foundry-built streamlined railcars. One was No. 245 "Salem", the other No. 252 "Mt. Vernon". Each car had a 15-foot RPO and baggage area, the rest of the car held seating for 61 persons. These two "doodlebugs" were later used on other services, with the Egyptian Zipper train having been switched to conventional steam power (a 4-4-2 Atlantic) and heavyweight passenger cars. The C&EI no longer operated the ACF streamlined units by 1944.

The train connected at Danville with trains 1 and 8, and also at Villa Grove with trains 21 and 22, the Zipper which was a Chicago to St. Louis 5 hour train.