St. Louis - San Francisco (Frisco) Railway's de Luxe passenger train - "The Bluebonnet" (jointly operated with the

Missouri - Kansas - Texas Railroad) train No. 8, northbound, headed by Engine No. 4501, a Northern type 4-8-4 locomotive,

rolls on the high iron at a speed of a mile a minute through the town of Cuba, Missouri, enroute to St. Louis, 1948. Photo by Roger S. Plummer. 

(Plummer, Roger S. ["The Bluebonnet" in Cuba, Missouri], photograph, 1948~; ( accessed May 7, 2024), 

University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Museum of the American Railroad.)



The Bluebonnet was a named passenger train of the St. Louis - San Francisco Railway (Frisco) and the Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad (Katy). The train ran for 30 years from 1928 until 1958. In 1952 it was scheduled from St. Louis to Fort Worth, Texas. It was also scheduled Kansas City to San Antonio via Dallas, and Kansas City to Houston via Fort Worth. The train was numbered 7 and 8.

The Bluebonnet went from St. Louis to San Antonio—with through service by M-K-T—leaving early afternoon, arriving Dallas/Ft. Worth the next morning, and arriving San Antonio late afternoon.)