Bingham and Garfield No. 308 in October of 1925.

(Unknown photographer, via W. Lenheim Collection)



The Bingham and Garfield Railway (reporting mark B&G) opened in 1911 in Salt Lake County, Utah. It served the Bingham Canyon Mine and the smelter at Garfield and replaced the Bingham Branch and Garfield Beach Extension of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, which was not providing adequate service.

In 1948, the B&G itself was replaced by the electrified Kennecott Utah Copper rail line, which was managed by the Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation. The rail line has now been replaced by a system of conveyors and a 17-mile-long (27 km) slurry pipeline. Current rail operations by Kennecott Utah Copper LLC only occur in the area of the smelter, on a remnant of what was a vast rail network. Kennecott is served by UP and has access to BNSF through its agent Utah Railway.


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