The Patrón Tequila Express at Oakland Maintenance Facility in July 2019.

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The Patron Tequila Express is a private luxury railcar owned by John Paul DeJoria, an American entrepreneur, self-made billionaire and philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company. DeJoria has been described as a living example of the American Dream due to his rise from homelessness to success in business.

The original Patrón Tequila was produced by Casa 7 Leguas, one of the oldest Mexican distilleries; DeJoria and Martin Crowley purchased the brand rights in 1989 via their St. Maarten Spirits company.

DeJoria owns the Patrón Tequila Express, a historic private railroad car. It was built in 1927, and was previously used by the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad as Car No. 50. DeJoria bought the train car in 1996 and spent $2 million to renovate it. The train car is 85 feet (25.91 m) long and contains three staterooms (each with a bathroom and shower), a kitchen, a dining room, an observation lounge, and an outdoor observation platform. In addition to the mileage fees paid to Amtrak to transport the train car across the United States, it costs $10,000 a month to staff, maintain, store, and insure the Patrón Tequila Express.


The Patron Tequila Express (right) at Denver Union Station in December 2015. Number 50 was built in 1927 as Gulf Mobile & Ohio No. 50, the executive business car for Rebel Route presidents and officials. It was later sold to Eureka Springs & North Arkansas as their No. 50 and then sold again to John Paul DeJoria in 1992. DeJoria rebuilt the car interior in Rococo style as Patrón Tequila Express No. 50. The Amtrak certified number is No. 800539. (Kenneth C. Zirkel, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)


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