Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad ("Milwaukee Road") GE U28B diesel locomotive No. 5505.

Photo taken by S.L. Dixon at the MILW Roundhouse, Bellingham, Washington, USA, in 1979.

(S.L. Dixon, CC 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)




The GE U28B diesel-electric locomotive model replaced the U25B in early 1966, featuring a slightly uprated prime mover (only 300 hp (220 kW) more power than the U25B). Early units had the same car body styling as the U25B, while later units had design features (e.g., shortened nose) more in common with later models. After only a year of production, this model was superseded by the U30B.

Trains Magazine editor David P. Morgan wrote about General Electric's decision to go with 2800 horsepower in its 1966 locomotive production. The short article Morgan wrote in the November 1965 issue had line drawings of the proposed short nose U28B.


Original owners

Railroad Quantity Numbers Notes
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad 20 106-115, 140-149 to Burlington Northern 5450-5459, 5470-5479, all late-style carbody
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad 17 130-135, 137-140, 380, 393-398 393-398 U25B-style carbody, all others late-style
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad 42 240-281 240-254 U25B-style carbody, 255-281 late-style
Great Northern Railway 6 2524-2529 to Burlington Northern 5460-5465, late-style carbody
Louisville and Nashville Railroad 5 2500-2504 late-style carbody, all rebuilt to U30B
New York Central Railroad 2 2822-2823 to Penn Central, Conrail 2822-2823, late-style carbody
Norfolk and Western Railroad 30 1900-1929 high-nose, late-style carbody
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad 22 2800-2821 U25B-style carbody
Southern Pacific Railroad Company 4 7025-7028 Served as GE demonstrators from 2/66 to delivery in 8/66, U25B-style carbody

Rock Island GE U28B 250 at Council Bluffs Iowa, November 11, 1974. Photographer: George R Cockle. 

Craig Garver, Public domain,


Rock Island

Rock Island bought 42 U28B's in four orders over a nine month span in 1966:

  • RI 240-243 in March, 1966, with 74:18 gearing
  • RI 244-249 in March, 1966, with 79:24 high speed gearing
  • RI 250-253 in May, 1966
  • RI 254 in October, 1966 (rebuilt from wreck U25B 212)
  • RI 255-261 in June-August, 1966
  • RI 262-281 in October-December, 1966
  • RI 240-253 were all phase I units with the same carbody carried over from late U25B production, as shown this unit.
  • RI 255-281 were all phase II units with the completely redesigned carbody.
  • RI 254, the wreck rebuild, retained the old U25B carbody.



Only two U28B's are in preservation, and one of them has been rebuilt to U30B specs.

Transkentucky Transportation Incorporated 260 is preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum. It was built as Chicago Burlington and Quincy 114 in December 1966.
Vintage Locomotives Inc 5323, originally built as Louisville and Nashville 2504, is preserved at the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum. It was rebuilt to U30B specs late into its career.


General Electric U28B Overview

Type and origin
Power type: Diesel-electric
Builder: GE Transportation Systems
Model: U28B
Build date: January 1966–January 1967
Total produced: 148
Configuration: AAR B-B
Gauge: 4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)
Prime mover: GE FDL-16
RPM range: 650–1050 rpm
Traction motors: GE-752
Performance figures
Maximum speed: 70 mph (110 km/h)
Power output: 2,800 hp (2,100 kW)
Tractive effort: 70,000 lbf (310 kN) (starting) 64,000 lbf (280 kN) (continuous)