The Deluxe Sleeper "Evelyn A. Henry", center.

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The Evelyn A. Henry is a private railcar. Built as a 14-section lightweight sleeper in 1954 by American Car & Foundry as No. 5551 for the Union Pacific Railroad and named "Alpine Peak", it was later rebuilt to a 44-seat coach. The car was then sold to Amtrak in 1973 and purchased by Rail Ventures, Inc. in 2001 from the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad (a Class II railroad) and named "Gallatin River." The car was then purchased in 2004 by Patrick Henry (Creative Charters) and renamed Evelyn A. Henry after his mother.


A schematic diagram depicting the layout of the Evelyn A. Henry.

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Rooms and Services

The Evelyn A. Henry sleeping car now features 5 double bedrooms with lower and upper beds. A shower and bathroom is located between each pair of bedrooms. An outstanding feature is the master suite “Grand Canyon” which features a queen size bed, private bathroom, TV/DVD, and a spacious closet.

The Evelyn Henry can sleep 10 guests utilizing both the lower and upper beds or can be used in suite configuration for 6 guests featuring four deluxe suites with two lower beds in each suite and private bathroom.

First-class service includes beverage service in the evening, as well as fresh brewed coffee and newspaper brought to your room in the mornings, and 24-hour laundry service. An on-board library offers an excellent selection for night-time reading.


A Gallery of interior photos of the Evelyn A. Henry Deluxe Sleeper.

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Companion Car

The Evelyn A. Henry is the companion car to the Warren R. Henry. The Warren R. Henry is a Dome-Lounge-Observation car where guests enjoy meals and other amenities not available on the Evelyn A. Henry. The two cars almost always travel together.


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The Evelyn Henry at Westside South, Kansas City, Missouri, September 1, 2018.
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Historic and Technical notes

Built in 1954 by AC&F as 14-section sleeper; leased to Pullman for operation; lease to Pullman ended in May 1962; cars returned to UP for operation. UP changed to 5543 Series in December of 1965.

UP 5551 (ex "Alpine Peak"); sold to Amtrak 4591 in 1973, retired by Amtrak in 1983; sold in March 1984; sold to Wisconsin Southern (WSOR) in 1990; rebuilt at Northern Rail Car with six double bedrooms and a master suite with private bath, in service during 1999 as "Northern Nites"; sold to John Kirkwood/Rail Ventures in 2001, named "Gallatin River"; sold in 2004 to Patrick Henry's Creative Charters, named in 2006 for Patrick Henry's mother "Evelyn A. Henry" who sadly passed away in 2020 (reporting mark WRHX 9800149).


Length, Over Coupler Pulling Faces: 85'-0"
Truck Centers: 59'-6""
Truck Style: 4 wheel, with disc brakes (9'-0" wheelbase) Pullman 41-CUDO-11

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The Warren R. Henry and Evelyn A. Henry rolling in tandem on the end of an Amtrak train.

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