Chesapeake & Ohio EMD SD35 7421, July 29, 1984. Photographer: George Cheatwood.

(Craig Garver, Public domain,



The EMD SD35 is a model of 6-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between June 1964 and January 1966. Power was provided by an EMD 567D3A, 16-cylinder engine which generated 2,500 brake horsepower (1,900 kW). A 3,000-US-gallon (11,000 L; 2,500 imp gal) fuel tank was used on this unit. This locomotive model shared a common frame with the EMD SD28, giving it an overall length of 60 feet 8+1⁄2 inches (18.504 m). 360 examples of this locomotive model were built for American railroads.


Norfolk & Western EMD SD35 1542 at Rutherford, Pennsylvania, April 24, 1976. Photographer unknown. (Craig Garver, Public domain,

Southern Pacific EMD SD35 4829, date, location and photographer unknown. The location is probably Taylor Yard in Los Angeles, most likely in 1965 during the general renumbering. Note the trailing SD35 has already been renumbered. (Craig Garver, Public domain,

Original owners

Railroad Quantity Numbers Notes
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad 23 1001–1023
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 24 7400-7419, 7437-7440
Central of Georgia Railway 10 215-224 High Hood
Central Railroad of New Jersey 12 2501–2512 to CR renumbered 6040-6051
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 14 7420-7431, 7425 (2nd), 7428 (2nd)
General Motors Electro-Motive Division 1 7715 to Atlantic Coast Line 1000
Louisville and Nashville Railroad 22 1200–1221
Norfolk and Western Railway 80 1500–1579 High Hood
Pennsylvania Railroad 40 6000-6039 to PC then CR 6000-6039
Southern Railway 100 3000-3099 High Hood
Southern Pacific Railroad 29 4816-4844
Western Maryland Railway 5 7432-7436
Totals 360

Baltimore & Ohio EMD SD35 7418, August 4, 1965, location and photographer unknown.

(Craig Garver, Public domain,



  • Baltimore & Ohio No. 7402 is preserved at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • VLIX No. 1216 (built 1965 as L&N No. 1216) is preserved at the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, awaiting restoration.
  • Western Maryland No. 7436 (built 1964) is preserved and operable, currently leased to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. It is owned by Precision Locomotive Leasing.


Central Railroad of New Jersey EMD SD35 2505 at Communipaw, New Jersey, September 26, 1966. Photographer unknown.

(Craig Garver, Public domain,


EMD SD35 Overview

Type and origin
Power type: Diesel-electric
Builder: General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD)
Model: SD35
Build date: June 1964 – January 1966
Total produced: 360
Configuration: AAR C-C
Gauge: 4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length: 60 ft 8+1⁄2 in (18.504 m)
Fuel capacity: 3,000 US gal (11,000 L; 2,500 imp gal)
Prime mover: EMD 16-567D3A
Engine type: V16 diesel
Cylinders: 16
Performance figures
Power output: 2,500 hp (1.9 MW)
Locale: United States