Ferrocarril Nacional General Roca Baldwin RF 615 E1 No. 5001.

(Baldwin Locomotive Works, via W. Lenheim Collection)


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The Baldwin RF 615 E1 was an export model produced by the Baldwin Locomotive Works from 1953 to 1954. All 51 units went to Argentina's Ferrocarril Nacional General Roca.

Baldwin publication DE-101 calls this model the "R-616E Combination Freight & Passenger".

The Ferrocarril Nacional General Roca orderd their units with the 608A engines de-rated to 1500-hp. They were not equipped with steam generators, freight only, therefore the designation RF615E.


The cover of Baldwin publication DE-101, published in May of 1953.

(Baldwin Locomotive Works, via W. Lenheim Collection)



Power Type: Diesel-Electric

Baldwin class: DR-6-6-1500/1 SC

Years produced 1953-1954

Number produced 51

Trucks: C-C

Diesel Engine model: 608A

Cylinders: 8

Aspiration: turbocharged

Rated horsepower: 1,500